Nora Fatehi touches the 40 million milestone on Instagram

Nora Fatehi touches the 40 million milestone on Instagram celebrates an ever-growing global fan base!

Earlier today Nora Fatehi hit a milestone number on Instagram, with 40 million followers and an ever-increasing global fan base.

Interestingly, the demographic of her metrics is a diverse global one, with followers from across the world hooked on to her social media page; speaking volumes for her popularity as an international artist.

Everything Nora Fatehi does inevitably goes on to become a global trend and makes a splash on social media. The multi-talented artist became an overnight sensation when she first appeared in ‘Dilbar’ which broke records within 24 hours for the first time in history, also cementing her position as the world’s first Arab-African artist to cross 1 billion views on YouTube.

The multi-talented global sensation dons many hats. Apart from being an international artist with a reach both on home turf and overseas, Nora is also a game changer who redefined the entertainment business and broke conventional norms.

Nora Fatehi is quite the record-breaker and after becoming the most followed Arab artist and Arab-African artist in the world she is also one of the 20 most followed Bollywood actors on a global level, amassing fans within a diverse age group and an Indian icon whose made an indelible global impact.

Ecstatic with 40 million times the love, says Nora Fatehi, “40 MILLION. This is crazy! Who wud have ever thought wed reach 40 million Fam !!!!! We aint going no where!! The fandom getting bigger and im always grateful and humble! Thank you to everyone whos been pushing with me…we keeping our foot on em necks !! Lets go Next 100 million”.
by Shubha Hulawale

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