Vijayi Bhav’ to be released on May 20

‘Vijayi Bhav’ to be released on May 20

To date, many movies based on politics and sports have been screened. In some, it was only about a game, in others it was only politics. The movie ‘Vijayi Bhav’ has been in the news for the last few days. The trailer of ‘Vijayi Bhav’, which was released a few days back, has worked to arouse the curiosity of the fans. In a very short time, the trailer of ‘Vijayi Bhav’ has reached thousands of fans. The wait is over to see what will be seen in this movie as on May 20, ‘Vijayi Bhav’ will be screened all over Maharashtra.

The upcoming Marathi film ‘Vijayi Bhav’ produced by Swastik Motion Pictures Productions and presented by Kenil Entertainment was produced by Kirtan Gordhanbhai Patel and Jagdish M. Pawar has done. Direction is done by Shailesh Patel and Atul Sonar. After the success of many directors as a duo, the new duo of Shailesh-Atul will captivate the audience through ‘Vijayi Bhav’. The story of the film is wrapped around Palaskheda village. Kabaddi matches are played in this village every five years to elect a new sarpanch. The candidate who wins all the matches gets the position of the Sarpanch. When we hear the word Politics, words like maneuver, deceit, vengeance, guile, guerrilla warfare, jealousy, and claims come into the picture in our minds. The same politics is associated with genuine games that are played in the red soil, like kabaddi. It will be seen in this film whether the sportsmanship in the game succeeds in overcoming politics or not. Vijayi Bhav’s plus point is that the storyline is different from the films being made nowadays. The combination of events and stimulus dialogues will make the audience laugh in some places and make them think introspectively in others. Another feature of ‘Vijayi Bhav’ is its melodious lyrics as well as music and beautiful locations. Various aspects of the unfolding story unfold while playing the game of Kabaddi on the stage of politics and this will keep the audience hooked till the climax.

The story of ‘Vijayi Bhav’ is written by Jagdish Pawar and the screenplay is written by Atul Sonar. Mukund Mahale has written dialogues with Atul Sonar. Indian Idol fame Jagdish Chavan will be seen in the lead role in ‘Vijayi Bhav’ and he has also sung songs. Therefore, the audience will get to see the dual role of Jagdish as an actor and singer. Since Jagdish has teamed up with Pooja Jaiswal, you will also get to experience the chemistry of the new pair. Sonali Dalvi has played the role of Damini and she will be seen in a challenging role. Apart from this, artists like Vinayak Ketkar, Jagdish Pawar, and Vikram Mehta will be seen in this movie. Cinematography by DOP Lalji Beldar, Choreography by Vikrant Dev, Nadi Rasal, Ram Devan, Deepak Turi, Compilation by Dharmesh Chanchadia, Background Music by Swapnil Nangi, Song Writing by Virendra Ratne, Music by Kabir Shakya and Jagdish Chavan, Kavita Ram, Manjima Goswami Made, Noora Singh Aade, Swapnali Chauhan’s melodious songs are in it. The costume design is done by Kashmira, while the sound design is done by Hamza Daginawala. Kishor Sangani and Suresh Patil are the production managers. Fight Master Pervez and Shahabuddin have done a fighting sequence for the film with Sampat and Ashwin as executive producers. On May 20, ‘Vijayi Bhav’ will be screened in cinemas all over Maharashtra.

By H Shubha

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